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Tiffany Welch — Why I ❤️️ BD

June 22nd, 2020

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When I was little our family moved EVERY YEAR. My 3rd grade year we moved so much I attended 3 different schools. Moving so much made it hard to have lasting friendships. I was great at making friends, but then we always moved.

The summer before my 8th grade year we moved here to Beaver Dam. We lived right by St. Stephen's and Wilson♡ so we played at both of those places with our neighborhood friends. I went to a dance, and thats where I met my best friend, who is considered my sister now 🙂. We have been best friends for 20 years this year.

Moving so much shaped me into the type of person that would include everyone so they didn't feel left out. Any time we had a new student, I was the first for so many of them, that talked to them, and made them feel comfortable. After all those years of moving I never imagined I'd ever have a forever home, or lasting friendships. I have so many people here I care for. && i'm always here for anyone that needs a friend, or someone to talk to.

I love the way this town can really come together, and help one another in times of need. Im thankful for the teachers that helped me graduate, and the cheerleading coaches I had, that helped me become a cheer captain my senior year.

I am now married with 4 kiddos, to the man that had a crush on me in school, and would hangout on my porch waiting to see me. He and I dated 3 times total, and 3rd times a charm 😉. I'm thankful this is my home ❤️️.